Cosmetic Oil Spa

Massages mentioned above can handle your relaxation requirements, but what about the skin? After being exposed to UV rays, dust, and pollution of all kind, the skin becomes rough, dry, and loses its suppleness. If you want your skin to feel alive, you should most probably gift yourself a cosmetic oil spa sesion. The massage… Continue reading Cosmetic Oil Spa

Swedish Massage

Do you suffer through your post-workout body soreness? It’s because you have not been introduced to Swedish massage yet. Tension build-up in your muscles results from regular exercise or inappropriate posture. Through Swedish massage, you can face such hurdles in your fitness journey with ease. The massage works on the superficial muscles for muscle relaxation.… Continue reading Swedish Massage

Lomi Lomi

LOMI LOMI massage can be traced back to 4000+ years ago. The art of LOMI LOMI massage originated from the traditional Hawaiian villages. Mostly, the act is aimed at uplifting the energy surrounding you. It’s what you would call a legit magical experience, said some of our previous clients. People call it the “loving hand… Continue reading Lomi Lomi

Four Hands Massage

A lot of attention is paid to the details while giving a four hands massage. All hands are to be in coordination with slow and rhythmic movements involving an ample amount of oil. Do you know what the most interesting part is? The therapists maintain constant eye contact for better coordination of their hands and… Continue reading Four Hands Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Are you ignoring your body’s appeal for pain relief? If so, there are high chances you’re going to develop musculoskeletal pain. So, to prevent the development of such adversity, book a deep tissue massage right away! During the session, the masseuse would find out the pain points in your body. Next, it will be followed… Continue reading Deep Tissue Massage

Aroma Massage

As the name suggests, aroma massage involves sweet-smelling essential oils, incense sticks, sophisticated surroundings, and of course, accompanied by a stimulating massage. Since fragrance plays a key role in calming your nerves down, our collection flaunts some of the most refreshing fragrances. Point to be noted: Pleasant smell eases anxiety, reduces tension, tackles pain, and… Continue reading Aroma Massage

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